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Sorry about your situation. I thought I would mention an acquaintance I knew (involuntarily) who would use specific tactics to play women. First- he would tell them he was dating other women (to make the woman he was with competitive and willing to sleep over). He would be really nice to them, but when they left he wouldn't answer his phone. Second, he would say he wasn't interested in a relationship to be 'honest'- his intent being that the woman would think they could love him enough so he would 'fall into love with them.' --when he had 10 women trying to call him all the time--he was doing that to them too.. In the end, he was inconsiderate and knew how to manipulate the emotions of human beings.—However, he did have truth in some things he said- If a guy likes you, he'll call. If he LIKES you, he will all of a sudden be 'ready' for a relationship. If he wants to be friends with benefits--that means 'friends' is the secret password to get benefits, but are non-related. If he gets benefits, says he'll call, but then doesn't--He's passive aggressive, and very non-mature. Mature people call and are honest-no matter how much the truth hurts. Any basic relationship (friendship or otherwise) at least needs open communication and the truth. You are wondering what's going on--and that's not right :nono: ..AND you feel awkward about calling him--and you shouldn't. I would encourage you to tell the next guy that those are two things you want--whether or not it's in the context of a commited relationship --

Good luck, you sound like you deserve someone who matches your caliber.

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