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Re: Did i cheat?
May 11, 2005
[QUOTE=sarahbear21]about 2 months ago. me and my bf had been broken up for about a week when a guy from work became interested in me, i had organised to go to his house with a few other work mates to play a few games of pool, i ended up staying the night, i saw him the following weekend aswell. during the next week my lift to work became sick so i asked this guy if i could stay at his house so i could get a lift in with him. i told my boyfriend that i was staying at a girls house. while i was staying with him i realised i loved my boyfriend and i wanted to go home i got that night over with by going to bed early and falling asleep to avoid any thing happening the next day at work i kinda gave him the cold shoulder. i called my boyfriend and got him to pick me up from work that night. we did alot of talking ang decided to stay together cos we loved and needed each other. we went to bed and in the middle of the night my phone gets a message my boyfriend got up to read it it said i dont think we should see each other any more cos i know you still love your boyfriend. i have never been so sorry and scared in my life i love him soooooo much and was very afraid of loosing him so i said that we had stayed on a mattess together but notthing happend and i diddnt know what he was meaning by the message. my boyfriend was demanding an explination lucky for me the other guy diddnt answer his phone. iwent to work the next day and told this guy to never answer any calls from my phone or my boyfriends. i told my boyfriend when i got home from work that the guy was drunk and was sorry for causing so much trouble but alls he ment was that he diddnt want to see me in that sort of way any more beacuse he knows i love my boyfriend. my bf didnt quite believe me, we are still together he brings it up ever so often and asks questions he also says that for my sake if anything did happen it better not come out . i feel so guilty all the time and i dont know how i can get on with that rest of my life knowing that this happend. i wish it would all go away. i am soooo scared that one day it will come back to haunt me, does any one have any advice for me i am so confused and i feel so guilty. it did make me realise how in love i actually am, wich is no excuse.[/QUOTE]

Did you sleep with this other guy? If you were broken with your boyfriend at the time then it's not cheating but I can understand why he would feel hurt. From his point of view it probably looked like you weren't apart for more than five seconds and you were already moving on to someone else. I suppose he probably would have felt that you should have had some time alone before moving on... That's just how I see it. It's great that you realise you still love him. Sometimes people just need some time apart. Me and my boyfriend broke up for a few months and then got back together. We really needed it and we are better than ever now. We were both honest (I'd like to think) about the people we were with during our time apart. Maybe he's just the jealous type and would have freaked out even if it was an innocent message? It probably would have been better to have been a bit more honest - at least that way you wouldn't have to worry now... but that's no good saying that now!

I guess the only thing you can do is to not say anything, put it to the back of your mind and hope nothing comes up in the future. Your guilt will go away soon and you will forget all about it. Just focus on improving your relationship and making your boyfriend feel special.

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