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Juicy....Gosh, I would love to help you out but I am kinda in the same boat for now so I may not be the best person to take advice from but I wanted to write something of a reply anyway. I am so glad I found this board though I feel better just to know I can write stuff her and real life people with real life problems and experience can read and give me unbiased opinions. I have just broke up with my guy 2 days ago and I think it hasn't really sank in yet but I can tell you I am scared as heck right now. Do you live together or apart? Do you work and support yourself or depend on him?Not trying to be nosy, just wanted to get a better picture of your situation. I hope you feel better soon.I hope I feel better soon....HECK! I hope we all feel better soon. My sister, (on top of everything) just called to tell me she is getting married in a candlelight ceramony in the smokey mountains and then she is going to venice, Italy for a honeymoon. If anyone deserves this she does but I have to say I wish she would have told me at a different time so I could have shown some happiness for her. In the meantime I have to look for a second job so I better get off here and get sleep. Write back Juicy and let me know how you are in the morning. Lets try to get up and make the best of our day, k? Goodnight. Try and get a good night sleep. I took sleep aid, I find that helps somewhat b/c when you are antsy and depressed it can be hard to rest.

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