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First of all, this is between you and your girlfriend, I really don't think it would be wise to get your current girlfriend to start fighting with your ex. That will only make things worse. I think some people are cool with their girlfriend or boyfriend hanging out with an ex, some aren't. Personally, I don't think it's normal for exes to hang around each other. It usually means one or both of the parties still have feelings for each other. The "just friends" thing, I just never really bought it. I think your friend has a right to date your ex if you're ok with it, but sometimes when people break up, that's just what happens. One person sort of "gets custody" of the friends. Some go with him, some go with her. Very rarely do things work out all nice and neat like they did on Friends, with Ross and Rachel being able to hang out as friends and everyone still being close to each of them. And even so, Ross and Rachel ended up together, didn't they? If I had a boyfriend, I would NOT want to hang out with the last woman he made love with and saw naked and caressed and sweated on and whispered in her ear in my face all the time. I don't believe that makes me insecure, just protective of what I would consider "my time" with him. She had her time with him, it's over now, you and she should both move on. The friends of yours who are really your friends will understand that they can't hang out with the both of you anymore, and they will have to see her on separate time when they're not hanging out with you.

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