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My fiancee recently went to Cancun. Her and 3 other girls went for a bachelorette type of trip. She came home really worried. First she told me that she and her also engaged cousin danced with two guys and that was it. Then last night she told me the whole story because she felt as if she had done something wrong and if I found out I wasn't going to marry her or be really pissed at her. She said she was pretty drunk and nothing seriuos happened. They went to one bar and danced with these guys. Then their tour guide said they needed to go to the next bar, it was one of those bar hopping tours. Three of the girls were there and these two guys. They grabbed hands and she was holding guys hand going out of this bar. They got to the next bar and the same thing happened again going to the next bar. They all grabbed hands to get through the crowd. This guy wasn't really coming on to her but she felt really guilty about dancing with him. Should I be mad at her. She said she would porbably be mad it me if it were me in the situation. Well they got to the last bar and this guy she was dancing with whispered something into her cousin's ear. My fiance knew that he was talking about her. She then went to her cousin and told her she was ready to go. So therefore nothing happened. Her and her cousin went back to the hotel for the night.
Would you be mad at her about this? At first it didn't really bother me but as thoughts get stirred up in my head, it is starting to get to me a little. No, I don't like the thought of another guy rubbing up against my future wife. She assured me that nothing else at all happened other than dancing and holding his hand getting through a bar. I really appreciate her being honest with me and telling me everything that happened. But was she thinking about me at all while she was dancing with this guy. I asked her if she was attracted to him and she said no. She did say he was cute but had no intentions. Is that a contradiction? Should that make me feel insecure that I am not as cute or adequate enough for her. I am just trying to make sense of all this. I love her more than anything in the world and she loves me the same. What should I do next? I told her it was ok as long as nothing else happened and she assured me that she didn't do anything other than what I stated above. But like I said it has stirred up thoughts of insecurity and inadequacy. I mean what kind o dancing did they do? Did he grab her ***? Did she grab hi ***? Was she turned on by him? All questions I need answered I think. Your thoughts???

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