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So confused
May 18, 2005
I warn you, this may be long, but if you bear with me, i'll be sooo happy
When i started seeing my boyfriend, it was when he was at home on a 2 week leave from the desert. in the two weeks he was here, we slept together, and i liked him alot. we kept in touch thorugh email and phone when he went back, and i thought we were together at the time, so i went 6 months without talking to other guys, let alone even looking at them.
He came home and our relationship was VERY strange. I had really bad feelings, but come to find out, it was because he didn't really like me, and he just saw me as a friend. The way he talked to me when he was overseas was very misleading.
We eventually saw more of each other, and by oct. he was calling me his g/f. I was still insecure and asking him if he slept w/other girls. somehow i got his email password, and thoerugh it,found his profiles on adult sites,and other meeting sites. i found msgs from other girls, but nothin i could get him with. i asked him ab it and he lied (couldnt tell him ab the password thing)(he said he used them when he was in iraq,but it had shown he was recently active on them..and why wouldnt he delete them?). In november, i found out he cheated on me through a girl he said he was good friends with and would never sleeps withs web journal. he admitted it, said he did it once, whereas she said she did it w/him a few times.
after the whole thing i decided to stay. its been hard, and occasionally i find him in lies.

were very serious. however, we fight alot, i feel like he just doesnt understand me, but i love him just because hes him (i love his smile, personality in general, he can be inspiriing at times). hes been going away on business, and i totally trust him, but i met someone. i met him in march, and we started hanging out (he knew i had a bf) and we started to like each other. this other guy stopped calling me b/c he met someone else and i had a bf anyway. i ran into him last night and he was a mess. the other girl ditched him, his mom has cancer etc etc. we talked and ended up hanging out. he told me some great things (i was a great girl, i have a big heart etc etc, eh said his friends thinks im good for him blah blah blah) and talking to him was so nice..hes told me things that ive dreamed of hearing from my boyfriend...the other guy hangs out with my other friends too, which my other boyfriend wont let me meet a few of his girl friends (he says they dont like me)and he wont hang out with my friends(my friends are #1 in my life, and i like my boyfriends to at least hang out with them twice a month)

Should I leave what I have now??

SOMEONE please help me, im so depressed. I love my boyfriend to death and a half, but im so afraid to leave him. Whats on the other side seems sooo good,but im not sure what to do :confused:

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