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my boyfriend of 2 years has been wierd all week, but when i make a fuss he insists i'm just being overly sensitive and touchy if he seems to not respond to my hand on his knee or whatever i try to do to get his attention. Although he still kisses me and hugs me, he hasn't been doing things he normally does. Usually he says 'i love you' before we depart, or says it spontaneously, and usually he is very cuddly and it's like a farewell goodbye when we depart even though were only departing for a few hours, say.
But for the past two days, including the whole week, he has been a bit distant, like on the bus he wouldn't be talking to me and we'd be silent all the way to where we would be going, or he doesnt cuddle me or kiss me as often, and when i departed from him yesterday and today, both times he didn't say he loves me, but i do remember one day this week he said it, but because he had told me something dissapointing i didnt agree with before, so i just sighed 'i love you too' ands he sort of looked at me wierd so i quickly smiled to make sure it didnt seem like i was taking the mick, so im kind of worried i've put him off saying it so often now, so lately IVE been saying it to him, and when i said it today he sort of just said it under his breath like he was embarrassed or in a rush. I know i may seem like im being overly sensitve and stupid but believe me my bf is very affectionate usually and makes me feel very much loved, but this week he hasn't which you can imagine has made me feel insecure in the relationship, and made me a bit clingy which i hate, cos i become all weak and nervy. He shouldnt be worried or have anything on his mind, cos work never bothers him, he only works in a shop and nothing else should be cos whatever else he does is just for fun cos their his hobbies. Im just very frustrated at the moment and ive been biting my nails and wanting more attention but he just isnt giving it to me at the moment, and im wanting him to tell me he loves like he normally does cos it gives me that sense of security because its the norm in our relationship, an anyone give me any advice on what i should do , what i should act like? should i cool off or what? and can anyone of you lads understand what my bf acting this way? is it normal for lads in relationships? have you had an off week with your gf too?
thanx for any replies

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