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does he still have a g/f?? You mentioned he was dating another girl in your first post? Why would you want to be part of a cheating game? Nobody likes to be cheated on, so why provoke it? His g/f didnt do anything to you. And she cannot help that he's not interested in you. And by coming inbetween them still means you wont have a shot by the sounds of it.

You need to get over it. This guy wont gain any respect for you if you come crawling up to him begging for a piece. All it will do is make his head bigger and make him think he's some sort of godsend.

Move on and get yourself a respectful guy. Prehaps a boyfriend of your own. Why would you want to sleep with a guy that has called you a freak and has said to others "I would never date her"??? He'll spread rumors about the two of you hooking up and it could be bad rumors. You could get labeled and people will think worse of you.

Keep your dignity. Dont waste your time. Besides, you dont know if they guy is clean! He could have an std of some sort. And as you should know wearing a condom doesnt protect you from stds, all it takes is some skin on skin contact? Wouldnt that make you feel little of yourself if you came in contact with something there is no cure for?? Its not worth here.

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