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OK guys just to give you the jist of what happened without alot of details, (complicated & don't wanna think about it), MyGirlfriend had sex with another man last night. Since then we have talked and she's told me that after what happened she knows that she only wants to be with me and she's sorry for what she did. I believe all of this because she's not even the type to cheat. But today we had a couple moments, of being sad about what happened, not mad at each other. But other than that we had an awesome day we got along real well and usually we bicker alot. But I was just wondering if this type of thing is normal? Is this unheard of? I tried to look at the thing as a learning expirence for the both of us, and I believe it brought us closer together. Is it healthy to deal with it like this? Just wondering, this is the first time being cheated on and staying in the relationship. Thanks for all the help guys. :)
Also I wanted to mention that when I asked her why she said that she didn't know why, and on the way there she kept thinking she should turn around, but she just kept driving. Should this worry me? And it is NOT normal for her to do this kind of thing because she is a very very sweet girl. I just think she was upset because we haven't been getting along too well lately, but last night before I went home we made up and everything seemed ok, but then she went somewhere and had sex with another man so who knows. And this was someone that she has been sexually involved with before me. comments guys i need some outside opinions, we havent talked to our families yet. I need someone to give me opinions. I can give details. thanks alot.
dude what is wrong with you? How could you be ok with this? She CHEATED on you!!!!! Am I missing something? Even if she's sorry the fact that she went elsewhere to have sex with someone else should tell you about your sex life. Maybe you aren't satisfying her. Either way I don't know how you could have be out enjoying yourself with her the day after she has sex with another guy. This all seems to weird for me. I dont see how you could be happy at all.....
I was in a similar situation a couple of months ago. My gf of five and a half years cheated on me. We didn't have sex until we had been dating over three years and she cheated on me. She wasn't the type to do something like this either, but it still happened. Like you, I chose to forgive pretty quickly. She was happy for a few days then she got confused about why it happened and wanted some time to herself. I can only tell you how I am getting through it. She says now that she wants to be with me. OK, I will try it again. But I won't get to deep into the relationship too soon. It has been a couple of months and I still think about that night. I hope it works out, I really do. But I am prepared to walk away. I am still young. I want things to work with her I really do, but I won't be a doormat. I'm just taking things as they come and seeing how it goes. Keep in mind that she did cheat on you. Things can't go back to normal just like that, she has trust to earn back. But also keep in mind that everyone does make mistakes, sometimes very bad ones, that they learn from. Just make sure it was a mistake and not something else before you get too involved with this girl.

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