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It's just the way you described it and how it happened and how you are handling it that is a little unusual. However, the way you are handling it is neither right or wrong. Everyone deals with this type of situation differently.

Her answer seems pretty much the standard comment: "I don't know why I did it." After doing it, she now says, she knows, "she loves only you".

Ruth! .... you left out the STD lecture! :)

Its too soon to say your relationship is "better than ever". Over the next few weeks you will probably find that your feeling change as you have time to digest all of this. I have the feeling that the situation is actually kind of fun for you guys-- a little bit of drama to keep things from going stale. Im sure you already know that is a band-aid solution for any problems you may have.

I would suggest you do not share this with your families. This is a private matter and family members tend to take sides, and this will create some pretty big problems in the future. Read some of the in-law posts on this board and you will see what I mean. Im hoping you guys are really young. Im also hoping that your girlfriend doesnt usually solve problems this way. Im not just referring to cheating either. Im also hoping you had a chat about std's (haha hoop, Im the other std-crusader ). I dont condone cheating but it is up to you as to what you want to do now.

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