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my point of view, as a guy;

she slept with another guy... she wasn't drunk....she wasn't seriously angry.....she wasn't looking for revenge.... This girl doesn't respect you! shes got you into believing shes a sweet little girl and now can do anything and get away with it!

By forgiving her instantaneously you have taught her she can walk all over you! You have also shown to us that you are insecure, you have no power in the relationship and are so scared of losing her you can't be angry with her for more than a few moments. [U]But your actions will result in you losing her.[/U]

If you want to keep this girl you must tell her you were totally shocked by the whole thing and were not thinking, you take it all back and don't forgive her at all and need time apart, say a week or two and don't call. If she makes serious attempts to get back together allow it only after enough time has passed of being apart.

You need to show this girl you are the man, that you could go out and find someone else in a heatbeat if you wanter. She needs this from you, she needs to feel lucky to have you. The more hard to get you are the more she will want you. If this girl is like I imagine she will try and turn it around and expect you to be running back to her...(which you must not do). If she doesn't come back to you, [B]forget it,[/B] she ain't worth it, and be thankful you got out before you wasted anymore time.

This is how relationships work. When someone cheats in a way like this (with all their cognitive function intact and plently of time to think about it) the only possible way to continue the relationship is to break up and then for the perpetrator to beg the other one to come back. Hell, you better make her feel punished (in the form of seperation only of course) if the whole thing has any chance at all.
I'd have to agree with all the information you've gotten here. Your g/f never should have done this. And you being "okay" with it is screwed up. It's been a while now. How is the relationship? Still better then ever? Do you still have the thought of her being intimate with another man in your head? Do you think that image will ever go away? Probably not. Do you think she loves you more? Or now has respect for you? My guess is your answer is "no not really" to all of the above. I'd kiss her behind goodbye and tell her to see if the other guy is still interested in her. Unless he just wanted a one night stand...

Real relationships work out of respect, love, trust ect...her cheating on you is not okay. And if you let her think its okay like ANT2005 said she will do it again knowing you think its going to make the relationship even better...

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