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This is where i made my mistake. My girlfriend wanted to go to greece to become a dancer. I was against her doing this in front of loads of greek men. It hurt me alot, the thought just sickened me. We all know what kinda stuff happens in Greece, binge drinking, sex, etc. Any guy who cared about their girl would do the same. I didnt want her to go because i was worried and i knew id miss her. I dont want someone i love dancing in front of loads of desperate men. I hope this doesnt happen to you, but what a person wants to do usually becomes their number one priority. My girlfriend became a nurse and that is now her number one priority. After 3 and half years ive loved and supported her, she told me that her careers come before me. I supported her into becoming a nurse, i said yeh go for it you'll be the best. She fell out with one of the ward managers and decided she needed a couple of months break in her friends club in Greece. Where she wants to become a dancer. In the end i was dumped. I wanted to stick with her, but she said we both want different things. All i ever wanted was her. My girlfriends words were "I shudnt have to justify what i want out of my life or to be made to feel guilty for wanting it". I know how you feel but you really need to think about what you say. Not letting him do what he wants might make him end the relationship. Maybe hes not that sort of guy, i dont know him. I just hope what happened to me doesnt happen to you. Air Force is a big step, it takes alot to be successful. Maybe after a few months he might realise that this isnt for him and he might miss the times he shared with you. Maybe you should let him experiment what he wants to be and if you mean that much to him, he'll be back. I hope you get what you want, if u wanna chat about it contact me, its always good to talk to someone in the same situation. Best wishes.

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