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[QUOTE=greeneyes100]I think it's great that you are so self-confident. That's probably why you have no trouble attracting successful men. It's funny that you mentioned that test; I took it too and couldn't believe how much it was like me. I believe it's called the Kiersey something test and a lot of employers use it to do hiring. Anyway, I think there are four different personality types and I am the one that is INFP, I think, or the "the healer". Actually, only 3 percent of the population have this personality type, so I'm very rare! At least I have that going for me--I'M VERY RARE! :D[/QUOTE]

Thanks Greeneyes, for your advice and kind words and also for sharing your experience with that personality test. I will look you far I only know my mom's and my results, and both were right on, so it's an impressive test in my book! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who found the test surprisingly accurate in describing my unusual and as I recall, also fairly uncommon, personality type (let's hear it for eligible ladies with rare personalities!!). Since I took it, I've been looking into the different possible types more--I think there are actually sixteen distinct combinations, and the test is sometimes called the Kiersey and other times called the Myers-Briggs personality test. There are actually some dating sites I came across that match people up based on those personality types, along with the usual online dating criteria and information. I could definitely get a lot more insight into the prospects that interest me if I knew their type...sounds exciting, I'm going to definitely look into that more! Do you these sites might be a good idea for us, Greeneyes, since we both found our results very accurate?

I ordered a book I saw recommended online about the personality types called PLease Understand Me II, and another book that discusses the best careers for the sixteen different types. I am looking forward to determining if the books oontain any good insight about how I can improve upon some of my weak points and find a relationship and career that are well-suited for my personality. I wonder if your career is one of those suggested for people with your personality type? My mom certainly ended up with an ideal career, and I think I'd be well suited to being a lawyer, professor, or scientist (also the kinds of guys I tend to date), just as my brief online test results suggested. Anyway, there is a lot of info out there about this and other similar personality tests, and since I have always been interested in things like this, I'd absolutely love to hear if anyone else has taken such a test and if so, how accurate and relevant they found various information circulating about their results.

Now that I've come across a revealing test like this, I think I'll read up on which types are the best and worst matches for my type (does anyone know anything about this when it comes to INTJs?). It would be a great screening tool if that held true and I could ask potential dates to take it...I'd be really excited because I've never felt my horoscope was accurate, but now I found something that is! I bet I could get a lot better sense of which guys I would like best if I knew the results of those tests, and then I could whittle down the number of guys I try to keep communicating with at any one time. I really liked that advice about only dating a few guys at one time, so I could be better about responding to messages promptly. But by nature, I also like to have lots of male prospects available and don't like to rule out any good prospects without any reason.

So for the time being, I'll try to gradually cut down the guys I'm keeping in touch with and weed out ones I don't like until I feel confident that I like a potential date enough to meet. It's tough too because you can't always tell by pictures...usually they've been accurate, but a few guys I've met have looked either better or worse, or just different, than their pictures, so I hate to make any judgments based on looks until I meet someone in person. Oh, by the way, I took down the quote you guys suggested I remove, and I agree that my profile is better off without it. I'm still debating on the picture...I don't know if the occasional sleazy responses are inevitable or not, and if I'd be better off showing off my figure or only using headshots. Well, fortunately there is always time for tinkering, and so far things are continuing to go well.
I have another date with a guy I saw and really liked last weekend, and three other dates lined up before next weekend with guys I've been talking to that I'm especially excited to meet. So far I've really enjoyed almost every date, and the few so-so ones were still fun overall. And after being in relationships and splitting expenses for so long, I don't see myself getting tired anytime soon of being taken out and treated to everything!

Lol, I hate to say it, but I definitely like that part of traditional gender stereotypes, along with not having the responsibility for taking the lead in dating. It seems guys have it rough...a lot of the guys I encounter say they've had trouble meeting more than a few girls they were interested in contacting, and many seem under the impression that online dating is definitely a buyer's market for women. What do you guys think? I've seen it go both ways in various situations, so I'm not really sure, but I sure am glad I decided to sign up for online dating ASAP after Patrick decided to take a break. It was the best distraction ever from getting past the breakup, and I don't really know what I would do to meet guys other than the typical bar scene if not for online dating. Seems like it's now starting to really catch on among all sorts of people, so I guess me and my fellow fun, single girl buddies here found ourselves free and unencumbered at just the right time! :) :) You guys are fabulous, and I hope you are having great weekends and breaking hearts all across the country!! :wave:

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