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I know exactly how you feel, my dear. I dealt with something very similar. Girls can be vindictive and cruel to one another. If you already had a problem with these girls before you started dating your boyfriend, it's likely they're making these plans with him to upset you (and possibly break you up). How often does he hang out with them? Are you EVER invited? Is his guy friend single, and if not, is his girlfriend invited? You need to take a look at these things to determine if these girls have a mean motive.
But the major issue is trust for your boyfriend. Do you honestly feel in your heart that you have to worry about him being unfaithful? Because if not, if you REALLY trust him, then getting upset about it will work against you. Have you brought this up with him as a concern of yours? Has he been responsive? It concerns me a little that he doesn't like any of your guy friends but has no problem keeping his girl friends.
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