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Ok, so I had a really fun and long conversation with the new guy I met on the dating site last night, but I chickened out of asking him about the disappearance of his profile (which is still gone). He's going away for the weekend with his friends, but I'm supposed to see him again on Monday. So now my dillemma is, I feel a little "guilty" logging into the website and corresponding with other guys. On top of everything, I just received a few emails from guys who seem intelligent, good looking, and overall just as attractive-sounding as the New Guy (NG). From what NG says, it looks like he's made quite a few travel plans for this summer, so I don't suppose I'll be seeing that much of him. Do you think it would be wrong going out on dates with other guys in the meantime?

That's what I really find so awkward about online dating: it's too many options and I have never in my life dated more than one man at a time. I usually just concentrated on getting to know one guy and he--on getting to know me. Dating a few people at the same time somehow dillutes the developing connection, I feel, but maybe I'm wrong :confused: Any thoughts on that?
You girls are so cute!!! :D And Sophia--you crack me up!!! You're so funny! You drink those martinis girl and try not to give NG a second thought---and if he ever miraculously emerges from the Bermuda triangle :D , just do what greeneyes said and tell him that you have plans--he'll get the picture that if he wants to go out with someone as wonderful as you, he is going to have to call sooner because you are a busy girl and won't be available on a whim (which maybe he will call tomorrow--you just never know about these guys--when they don't call it seems to just make us want them that much more and I think they know that!! :rolleyes: ).

Goody, I guess I doubt myself because I have made mistakes in the past---or actually one big mistake when I broke-up with my ex (which I have been training myself to think of it as a stepping stone--on my way to better things to come). So I am working on getting over all of that and moving on, but another thing is that I don't like to hurt people's feelings and the nice guy is just such a good person. I really do want to like him--I just wish he wasn't so insecure. He has so many good qualities--I just want him to be himself and I want to make sure that I know the real him before I let go or say that I think we would be better off as just friends--so I am going to go on one more date to see whether or not he really is a depressing person.

:) I talked to both guys tonight and actually had really good conversations with both of them. I am going on a date with the sexy voice guy tomorrow (oohlala--hehe) so I am excited about that! :bouncing: Also, I am going to go out with the nice guy again (third time's a charm right) and we are going to try to do something more fun (not just dinner and a movie like before). We both agreed on the phone tonight that our past 2 dates have been boring and so we are going to go out again and just be ourselves and be honest with each other. So I feel so much better about all of that whole ordeal!!

:D Anyway, thanks girls for being so uplifting, cute, and fun!!! I guess if this mordern day dating ends up not working out for me I can just [plow my way!!] to Pennsylvania--hehe--but then I would have a whole new concern--- :eek: no make-up :eek: !!!(the guys would really be running scarce then)--hehe!!!!

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