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Right now I am confused and I do not know what to do and looking for support or suggestions on what to do. This might be kinda long and I hope you do not judge me or think that I am a bad person. I am a guy single guy that is 29 y/o and I have been looking to meet someone on a online dating website for some time now without much success. About 3 months ago I met a girl that I have been in contact with(the only response I got over this period in time that was interesting), we have emailed each other almost every day for the last couple of month and talked on the phone about 3-4 times and I met her about a week ago and we went out on a date. Everything was great and I like her, we are both attracted to each other. She likes me alot well and after we met she emailed me and dropped the "bomb". She said that she was living with her boyfriend that she has her son with for the last 8 years. The only thing she told me earlier was that she had a 5 y/o son and when I asked her if she was married, she said "NO". In a way I feel that she wasn't too honest, but maybe I didn't ask the right question. She isn't married so she didnt lie outright. She says that she really likes me alot and that she felt that she had to be honest atlast and get this off her chest. She also says that her relationship with her b/f is just a friends one(no sex) and that she stays with him because of her son.

Now the problem is that she wonders if I would forgive her and consider having a relationship with her on the side and have a strictly intimate sexual relationship until she has managed to untie herself from her b/f. Now I am confused. I really do like her alot and she really likes me as well. I am lonely and I have no one else in my life and I am questioning myself if this is the right way to go. I really would hate to loose her and I am thinking that maybe if I agree to this, she will really have a reason to move out. I asked her "when" and she said that it might take a year until she can move away from her b/f because of economic reasons. Now I feel that she would be "cheating" on her b/f and that is not fair to him. But on the other hand I really like her and I do not want to loose her.

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