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I agree with Nick...there are some incompatibilities you can work on improving, but in my view, if there just isn't sexual chemistry and a good connection in the bedroom, the relationship doesn't have long term potential. It sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture across the world, and if I was in your position, I wouldn't want to be tied down to a lukewarm long distance relationship while you're thousands of miles away. I don't really believe long distance relationships are workable unless there is an end in sight, and if you're already having serious doubts whether this woman is the one you want to spend your life with, then why put a damper on this great new opportunity by maintaining ties to someone you're not all that crazy about? I've been in your shoes and tried to make a relationship work after the sexual chemistry fizzled out or it became clear that the guy wasn't as passionate and creative in bed as I most cases, I ended up acting on my attraction to other men anyway, and in retrospect, I would have been much better off just breaking off the relationships once I knew there wasn't going to be a future. I've learned that sexual compatibility is the main thing that separates lovers from friends, and while all couples have rough patches when they're not on the same wavelength sexually, if there really just is very little spark between you guys, chances are it will end before too long. Some people's sexual preferences just don't mesh well, and for someone who values sex, I doubt you're going to want to make your current relationship permanent. I think it's definitely best to make a clean break before you leave and start your new job free of past and your girlfriend will probably be happier and better off that way. Good luck and take care :)...

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