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Dido, no, I wouldn't do it for HER, I would do it for the kid. I would feel compassion both for the kid and my boyfriend, because I, of all people, know how it feels to grow up with divorced parents who don't get along very well. You shouldn't make it about the ex-wife. Yes, she's an inconsiderate person who's trying to make her ex-husband's life difficult, but for the sake of the child, I would go with her conditions this time. I mean, the poor kid hasn't seen his father in TWO years! How old is he? Boys especially usually develop a strong connection with their fathers and look up to them, so I think it would be devastating to his son to hear his father cannot see him. Can you see past the control issue with the evil ex and be gracious for the child's sake? Also, doesn't your bf really miss his son too? I think he will love you even more for being understanding that he needs to take this opportunity and meet with his son. He doesn't have to stay overnight there with his ex. He can always sleep at a hotel or stay with a friend if he has one in the area.

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