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just spent two weekends with my boyfriend's parents. they were so nice to let us stay in their beautiful beachhouse for a week--we both came up the first weekend, then they left us during the week to go home and to work (we're just graduated, and on vacation), then they came back fri for the second weekend. we left them there this morning after i insisted we GET OUT.

his parents are nice, but they DRIVE ME CRAZY. my parents are extremely close, and i'm very lucky that they are best friends and treat each other with the utmost respect.

his mother has this super annoying voices that GETS UNDER MY SKIN! it's very high, and piercing, and she likes to talk to get feedback on EVERYTHING she's doing. i'm incredibly independent, and only ask for help when i desperately need it. it seems to me like she asks for help with things just to get attention. that just irks me.

it also really bothers me that she doesn't show any respect to her husband. she and my bf (her son) are this mutual admiration society of two (they have very similar personalitities) and they totally exclude his father. his father is very sweet, and genuine, but not a forceful personality as are mother and son. she bosses him around all the time, and makes him do stupid chores like pick up sticks in the backyard. yesterday, she wouldn't let him watch the game because she doesn't like the TV on during the day. but if her SON wants to watch the game, and he speaks winningly to her, she'll cave in.

it's totally bizarre. where i come from, if your father raised you, and went to work every day to provide you with a nice home, even if you have personality differences and you can't LOVE him as close as your other parent you can RESPECT him for what he has done for you. i don't know--it's none of my business, and i keep my mouth shut, but jeez. it's almost like the mother encourages her son to disrespect the father--and i can't stand it.

he's a nice man, even if he is socially awkward. it just revealed a rather unattractive facet of my bf's personality to me--they don't treat his father very kindly and it really, really bothers me. i know my bf has a lot of issues with his father, ie, his father never having told him he loves him, which are none of my business. i'm really not trying to say i know best, because like i said, i feel lucky that my parents are ridiculously happy and best friends after nearly 30 years of marriage.

last of all, she's always talking about her friends like they're some kind of society people. yesterday she was actually talking about a friend named "muffy." i wanted to barf, but i drank wine instead to kill the evil comments playing in my head like a scrolling nasdaq screen. :)

just wanted to vent. in the end, i know she's a well-meaning lady, and she's a little bored with her husband, etc, but yikes.

anyone have any experience with someone who you know is well-intentioned, but drives you up the ever-lovin' wall?

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