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my boyfriend of 1.5 years lives with his ex girlfriend. Their relationship has been over for more than six years and she is now a lesbian... its like a soap opera on some days. Anyway, his closest friend is also female. Now at first I wondered a little about the whole ex girlfriend thing. I mean they were living together in a relaitonship and then just stayed friends... I never heard of that. But I relaxed. I mean if he wanted to be with his friend or his ex then he would be.

I know it is different after you have been in a relationship and then there is a friend. But I guess you have to work on remainging close and talk and so forth. I mean nothing is for certain, but there is confidence and all that. Some of my best friends are male and my boyfriend completley trusts me if I go on trips with them or whatever. He knows he is the only guy I am interested in now.

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