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[QUOTE=confusedus]I values my friendship with her very much, and hope it never ends. Yes, I still have feelings for her, but if I can't be in a relationship with her, the best thing is to continue being her friend.

Besides, she said "maybe things would be different if I didnt have a bf. Maybe things will change in a while, and I mean that." and shes going on vacation for a few weeks, so maybe some time alone will help her figure out whats best for her.[/QUOTE]

Wow, Confusedus, there are so many things wrong with what she has been telling you that I barely know where to start. First off, let me give you a little information about how girls do things...they never say "NO"...You will hear a THOUSAND different excuses from a girl, but the words "NO" will almost NEVER come out of a girls mouth. Instead, you will hear a lot of statements that sound sincere, let you down easy, and maybe even give you some false hopes.

So why do girls do this? Well, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away women were taught to never say NO to a man that attempts to date them...The idea is to never hurt the man's feelings in front of them by rejecting him to his face...instead, she tells him things that confuses him, ignores his phone calls, looks busy all the time, acts standoffish and cold around him, and/or mentions the guys she REALLY likes and is dating as if its just all part of the conversation. Women in general are EXCELLENT at manupulating words to sound more pleasant than they really are and they play the "run-around" and "blow off" games extremely well. They only get better at it as they get older too and the reason is that good looking women are CONSTANTLY being hit on and sought after...they have devised ways to let men down so well that not even the guy realizes it right away...and thats EXACT what she wants.

So, this girl tells you that "maybe" things would be different is she didin't have a boyfriend. I find this statement to be hilarious if you really look at it closely. If she really likes you then why the "maybe"? Also, what is she doing still dating her boyfriend then if she has feeling for you? What is her deal? Are you just a "back up" plan to her? Is she torn between two lovers like in some kind of romance novel? Can this poor girl just make up her mind? And what about this guy she's dating? Does HE know she could be having doubts? Is she secretly in love with you behind her boyfriends back OR is she REALLY just letting you down easy and trying not to hurt your feelings and keep your friendship alive? Come to think of it, would you really want to date a girl as wishy washy as this anyway...where she can't even make up her mind on who she wants to be with? Is this really a love triangle or just a spell she put over you? Think about this for awhile. I guarantee you on her vacation, SHE won't be giving any of this a second thought...why would she? She's sitting pretty with two guys gawking over worrys on her part!

I want to read your replies but first remember this..."Women don't lie, men don't listen!" When you figure this statement out, it will all become crystal clear to you.

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