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When my x and i split we continued to talk and hang out, I didnt have a new b/f, but he went back to the x b4 me but we still talked, had sexual encounters, hung out everything.

But once I found myself a new boyfriend and "tried" to keep in contact with my ex he wanted no part of that and showed and told me numerous times how upset and insecure it made him feel. I cut off ties with my x for him. The only time I ever talk to him is if he is online and he IM's me and that is very very rare now. I dont go out of my way to talk to him. And I found talking to him being very easy just like your g/f says she is with her ex. You know what my b/f told me when I told him that. He goes "talk to me...get use to things being easy to share with me, im your boyfriend not him" And IT clicked that he was right...sooo right. And she should smarten up and agree with what you are saying. 3 years is a long time to be dating, but 9 months of talking to him behind your back is wrong. The last time I actually was in contact with my ex is when he came to town for his dad funeral and I knew he'd be calling me and want my company. We walked, talked and he cried a bit, all I was was his comfort nothing more. And that was the last and only contact I had with him.

Giving her an ultimatem is the right thing to do. She is having her cake and eating it too. And I wouldnt doubt when they talk that the past sometimes come up and that is unhealthy for her while she is in a relationship with you. I'd stick to your guns. Maybe tell her what my b/f told me. It really made me open my eyes. IF she doesnt stop then it wasnt ment ot be for sure, she should totally see your point of view and respect you for wanting to see this end asap! goodluck!

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