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Thanks for more advice. i have been gone all weekend because my boyfriends dad came to town. I was able to have a few one on one convos with him about this. Not telling him all in full detail because I dont want to get him too involved. But he said he had already heart bits and pieces from my boyfriends brother and sister. He asked me if my boyfriend moved home because of his parents van being repo'd. I told him no, but now that he's home they are taking advantage of him and it just makes me ill to see. He then asked if my boyfriend took out a loan for his mom and step dad, I told him no, but ina sense yes. I went on to tell him about the credit cards and the letter in the mail ect...He said she (boyfriends mom) use to do this kind of stuff to him when they were married.

He then went on to say that his daughter (boyfriends sister) is following in moms footsteps. Like I mentioned in the past their grandma and dad came to town, neither house was cleaned!!! I felt embarassed for them :( and his dad went on to tell me that its no good and he doesnt like seeing it either. I told him I was really hoping my boyfriend would talk to him about this because I knew that he'd have some good words of advice to give him, unfortunately my boyfriend never mentioned it to him.

Anyway how do you go about getting the debt switched to his parents names? Id love to get that done so we are able to get a small place or something (we're getting married in a year). So all we do is contact the credit card companies and explain what happened and see if they'd be willing/able to do so...cuz if thats the case Im going to run it by him. I know my own mom has been saying we should contact the credit card companies.

Also I am VERY worried that they will go out and get another credit card started under my boyfriends name (i know his credit is pretty bad now so maybe not) but I am soo worried that since they canceled the other two that once a few payments are made they will have no problem taking his info again and signing him up for another? Is there anyway around this???

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