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I just wanted to add some additional comments to your problem.
Your husband has been the victim of identity theft and what makes me sick is that it was done by his own parents. I think they are very selfish and manipulative and the fact that they could do that to their own son makes me ill. Mature, loving parents want the best for their children and his parents are only concerned about their own welfare. They committed a crime against their own son!!!
Your husband need to immediately contact the police and make a report as well as call the 800 number that deals with identity theft. He also needs to contact the major credit agencies to notify them of this and to put a special protection under his name and social security number.
My husband was a victim of identity theft and we had to do all of the above.
Until your fiance really comes to the realization of what his parents did to him, this problem will never be resolved. It is not being dealt with and instead excuses and allowances are being made for dispictable actions by his own parents. No matter how many financial problems they were having, (at their own doing from what you have said), there is NO EXCUSE for robbing money and ruining someone's credit, especially to their own child!
This is causing major problems for your happiness and future together and I can't stress again how important this is dealt with in a way that you will know it won't ever happen again.

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