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thanks again cattieos. I did the math today on the amount that I seen that he owes and it was about 8 or 9 years!!! So Im going to talk to him about it again soon. I dont want to constantly remind him about what has happened and make him feel like crap but we got things we have coming up. We are getting married in just over a year.

The income based living means they probably arent paying too much to live there, but your are right it means they do not own it. My boyfriend moved back into his parents place not even two weeks ago so he could "save" money for a trip we are going on and for our wedding...he said he will start looking for a house in november/december. But I already figure it will be me asking for the loan with one of my parents as a co-signer.

tiggergirl- I already know that it will happen where they do not deposit that money into his account. He'll get an overdraft statement and that will be his fine as well. But I have it in my head that the first day that happens I will get on his case and tell him that he MUST do something about this, because this effects our future not theirs. He wont go to any extreme with his parents he already feels bad for them (i know stupid they should feel ashamed of themselves). I'd like to see them get a checking account set up themselves.

I dont think the credit card companies are gonna give a rip who maxed out the cards, they just want their money that is rightfully owed. I know it ticks you off, imagine my poor guts haha. I want to ring their necks!

Blueeyedlady, thanks again, I do not think my boyfriend will do anything drastic like this to his parents. I am going to suggest to them that they start paying more though otherwise this debt will last several years over 5 for sure. I was doing the math and i was thinking 200/month should be about right this way it can get done in just over 3years although I am not sure of the interest rates like mentioned above 200 is better then 80. Especially since they owe so much.

I plan on talking more about this with him as time goes on. i really want to see this get cleared up faster. It makes me sick because I just made reservations today for our the other costs are coming and it's like....great no help from his family for sure.

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