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Blueeyedlady is right, this won't go away on it's own. I personally, am not a big fan of counseling, but it may be the only hope here. I would suggest getting credit counseling for your bf. I am sure he wouldn't do this, but them opening credit cards in his name was illegal, and he may be able to get out of paying them. This is a slight bit diff, but someone at MIL's house, I think SIL's ex fiancee, or MIL opened an account with columbia records in DH's name (after he had moved out even!) over the phone. Well, you know how you have to buy so many? We knew nothing about it, never saw a cd or anything then tehy sent us a collection letter. Well, since we hadn't done it, we called the company and asked them how was it signed up for, and it was either one of those mail in things or a phone offer, and since they had no proof that we had actually done it, after a quick call to the BBB we didnt' have to pay. Your bf may try that route with his creditors, if he did not open the accounts himself, that was fraud, and while it was his parents fault, it is also the credit card companys for not verifying identity correctly. Just a random thought there.
Is your bf good with money? Most of hte time when someone comes from parents who do not know how to manage money they themselves do not know how to manage money.
You said it wasn't really your business, but it IS. Once you marry this man, his debts become yours and his credit becomes yours. As for thier house being nasty, I don't guess there is anythign you can do about that, unless you clean it up yourself. Some people are just dirty. Sounds like his Mom is just a bit lazy.
WHile my inlaws don't usually take money from us, there was a thing with a credit card bill earlier, they are very odd about it, and never give us any money or buy our dinner when we go out or anything. I suppose this bothers me because my Mom and Dad give us money, my Grandma gives us money every week, just because she loves us. We dont' need it, they just do it. Now when we first got married, I was very very sick, out of work and DH was in school, not making much, I won't say how much, but we were very well below poverty level that year. And his parents did absolutely nothing to help us, in fact that is the year she did not pay a 300 bill she owed in his name, he knew she had it, and we had to pay it. We couldnt' even afford groceries, had to put them on a credit card! During this time, my Mom was giving us money, helping us pay bills, my Grandma was doing the same and buying us things, like papertowels, food, stuff liek that. Inlaws are very very irresopnible with money, and should be rolling in it, but have none, because they spend it buying junk. When DH and I got married he was the same way, he thought he had to have Tommy Hilfiger jeans and underwear and all this junk. Well, I broke him of that quick! I think, that definelty when ya'll get married you should take complete control of hte finances. Make sure that he realizes you guys CANNOT help his parents, and that you are not supposed to. They are the parents, and they should be responsible for themselves.

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