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My girlfriend and i have been dating for 18 months, im 21 and she is 20, we were friends for a few years before hand and are close and get on great. One HUGE problem exists though, she is VERY VERY stubborn, in the 18 months i think she has apologised maybe two or three times about things. Whenever i do something wrong she milks it and we end up not spending the day together and starting over the next day. I always like to talk about things but she likes space.
It becomes hard because whenever she does something wrong she wont say sorry and she will turn it round. So that im the bad guy, or if she cant turn it round then im stupid for bringing it up etc. I Have talked to her about her stubborness, and ive told her that they are MY feelings, not hers, and asked for her to listen, She will listen and then turn it round. I feel really upset about this because she is ALWAYS RIGHT and are relationship is suffering because of it. She is SO independant that her solution to my suffering is always "well just break up with me then" or "we can stay friends" or even "were not meant to be together". I hate this because the first solution should be to try right? but she wont. I ask if she loves me and she says im her rock! and i know she wants to be close and friends forever so i dont question that. i just feel im maybe too bothered by things. I need some advice that isnt too unrealistic. i know i need to stick up for myself more and be stubborn too. be please give me your suggestions assuming that you too would not win an argument with this girl EVER!!! she is the king of independance and stubborness. HELP ME PLEASE!!! i love her so much!!

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