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Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the insight! Especially the different points of view.

Sophia... We are both 26, though he is about 6 months older than me.

Heartlandguy, I know no one here wants to see me get hurt. And I love everyone for that! :) My friends do really like him so far, especially my closest girlfriend who has spent the most time around him so far. She says he treats me very well and treats HER well too. My sister has met him and loves him also. The fact that they all get such a good vibe around him really helps because they have always been honest with me in the past with guys they didn't like me dating.

Stacey, I do remember reading your thread about you and Patrick and his scary grandmother (right?)! You've always come across as very mature and knowledgeable and you present an interesting point of view that I can relate to. I haven't always been so quick to detach myself emotionally from a broken relationship, but my more recent relationships have strengthened that ability. I have learned to take a lesson from each relationship and look at it as "why would I be sad over losing what was never meant to be?" I know it just brings me closer to what I really want and deserve. As far as the sexual aspect of it, very good point!! I wouldn't want to waste my time getting attached to someone who's just going to use me for sex anyway! So why not find out sooner than later! And if he really is true at heart, then why hold back on these intense desires? I never really looked at it that way but it makes a lot of sense! I am an adult, I have good judgement, and 99% of me tells me this guy is the most amazing thing that's ever crossed my path. The 1% only comes from the caution Heartlandguy warns about. The fact that I've only known him a week.
But we have not been able to part since meeting. In fact, I didn't have to be to work until 2 today, and he took a sick day to spend the morning and early afternoon with me. I just left his house, and cannot wait to be back there in his arms. We took a nice long walk and had lunch, and talked more about how crazy this whole thing is but how amazing it feels!! He tells me he just wants to wake up next to me every day! It feels like I've known him forever.

Goody... Thank you for your good wishes for me!! I've always looked at sex in a very emotional, spiritual way too. I don't sleep with someone just because I find them attractive, I have to connect with that person and truly feel like we're making love. The thing is, even though we have not actually had sex yet, everything else we do has that feeling to it. The deep stares into each others eyes, with the look of love followed by the confession that we're falling in love with each other. Is this really possible?? Can this really be happening?!

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