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Is it me or him?
Jun 7, 2005
Lately my boyfriend and I havent been getting along due to the mistrust I have in him. He cheated on me in the past and is recovering from heroin abuse. He is living with his mom until he proves to me that he is going to stay clean and can be the man I know he can be. He has a new job and he has met some new guys at his moms apartment. So when he gets off he goes to the pool and plays volleyball with them. But we have two children at home with me and Im 22 weeks preg with our third baby. It was my decision to have him move out after I found out he had relapsed. But on his days off and he is at our house I cant seem to get any help from him. Mowing the yard, helping me move furniture in the babys room, etc.. I feel that he should still be contributing to our family when he is home with us. Also he seems to have days where he calls me often to check on me, then days like today where he cant bother to call or talk to me when I do call him. I feel like he is avoiding me and its really hurting my feelings. When I mention it he says its just my hormones. URGHHH. I do love him and I dont want to fight, which is all we seem to do. But is it too much for him to help me when he is home with me? Ive had this gut feeling for about a week now that something is going on. Maybe he has met someone else or he is cheating. But could this also just be my hormones? Him not calling me or not talking to me when I call, is this normal some times? Maybe I am over reacting, but some thing in me says its more. How can someone be so attentive one day and then not remember you the next. Maybe I just needed to vent, but any ideas would be helpful.


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