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[QUOTE=greeneyes100]Even after he has "caught" you so to speak, you can still be somewhat elusive after you have formed an exclusive relationship. Don't have your world evolve around your lover/boyfriend. Keep some part of yourself to yourself. There is no harm done and it makes the relationship more exciting.

Men do not want the responsibility for a girlfriend's happiness, that's why they are attracted to women who are ALREADY happy on their own and actually don't NEED a man to make them happy.

What man, in his right mind, wants the responsibility for someone else's happiness?[/QUOTE]
I do get and even agree with this GE, but at what point do we get to the "Loving" part of love? At what point do we decide to accept the faults and the hairs or lack there of, the snoring and the less then perfect waistline, the fact that he didn't finish college or she has a lot of blonde moments, (No offence blondes ;) ). At what point do we choose to be as real as possible, share that maybe we do have doubts and fears anbd do sometimes get lonely. Maybe never to a player, but what about the rest of them?

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