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Thank you all Very much again for more advice. I do agree this has all been wonderful points of view and input that I have needed. My stomach has been a mess and this is where i have been coming like crazy!

I already figured the dr. story about what they told her was some b.s. Granted she did see a doctor I figured it would be totally un-professional to say what she said the doc told her! My boyfriend ment that his mothers health came first. (yeah I know scary thought but if my mom was gonna "die" i'd say the same too i think).

Like one of you mentioned snails i think? About dating a guy in the past whose family you knew you'd never be able to come between ect. I dated a guy like that once. infact his mom, sister, aunt siblings ect hated me. And I didnt want that.

I am thinking heavily about talking more with him about this over time. About who comes first (good point again all of you). I dont want to drop it on him like a box of bricks. But I too can see his mothers manipulative behaviour. And that is what I thought as soon as I heard the latest news, like other mentions I figured it was to draw attention away from the credit card issue! I have been thinking a lot lately and I almost said something to him today about how this is making me upset and I need to see him keep on them. But I decided I would wait till she see's a "real" specialist and gets some real test results if I hear its not threatening ect I will be on his case about most of what you have all mentioned.

I told my mom the same thing a lot of you have mentioned in here. Neither one of my parents have voiced any concern about the situation taking place. They both really like my fiance.And both feel the way I do about this...kinda sick and upset with his mother but wouldnt think to say anything bad about her. Both would like too see me push up the wedding (no way no how) infact his mom and sister were pushing for that not to long ago as well.

It seems to me it's a lot easier for my fiances mom to take "advantage" of him when he is at home, when he lived in an apartment with a buddy of his for the past year i bet you we seen his family about....5 times (Money wasnt an issue then though I guess since they had his credit cards).

I heard today that his mom called her mom and told her all about what the doctor told her. You know what my fiances Grandma told his mom...."the doctor is full of crap if he told you that he had no business telling you that without even checking you this and that" I guess she pretty much told her no way no how. Which I was thrilled to hear because she NEEDED to hear that!! Someone that would tell her what THEY think and how it really went!

I tell yah I know you all have my brain thinking like crazy. And i will voice some of this concern to my fiance. His payment date with this credit card assistance company has been pushed to later in the month...his parents dont know that and they already made a payment so my boyfriend isnt going to tell them about the date change. And as soon as the beginning of next month comes they'll think it has to be in sooner then they know!

Thanks again all of you for the great advice it has been much needed and very helpful!

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