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One of my boyfriend's friends (a very close friend of his, who has also become a good friend of mine) told me that, a bit of a while back, my boyfriend "Joe" was speaking to him about whether or not he should cheat on me with another girl. Our friend "Jeff" said no because Joe had a girlfriend, and according to Jeff, Joe said something along the lines of "what she (me) doesn't know won't hurt her". I know very well that Jeff is an honest person who loves his friends and he would never make something like that up just to make problems.

I questioned Joe about this matter earlier today, and he denied everything, saying that he did not know wh Jeff said such things. I asked him about this via phone because I rarely get to see Joe in person. His voice was not normal - he sounded a bit nervous and uneasy as he spoke. I don't know if it's because of the fact that I was having doubts in him or because he was lying to me. I did not expect him to come right out and admit that he cheated on me, but I still believe that he has and he does not want to tell me.


What do you guys think?


Dark Stranger

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