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i'm not RESTRICTING him, and I already acknowledged in my post that I recognize it is healthy and desirable for us to do things apart.

the fact that he has a lot of friends, is very social, and is a very loyal friend (a couple of friends he has known for more than 20 years--from childhood) is one of the things i love about him.

he needs a lot more space than i do, and that bothers me sometimes. he's considerate about it, and we've talked about it, and i know how he feels and he knows how i feel.

it's just a fundamental difference between us--he needs more alone time, and i sometimes have difficulty accepting that. PERHAPS it doesn't reflect on his feelings for me, absence makes the heart grow fonder, yadda yadda. i know the conventional wisdom on that point. but at the same time, i can't help feeling that if he REALLY loved me, he wouldn't need so much alone time.

it's just a question of degree.

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