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Okay, well first of all it was a bad sign when she said "shut up" in response to compliments, but it is definitely also a bad sign when she gained the confidence to acknowledge compliments that aren't from you. I hate to admit this, but it sounds like your GF is young, and if so, I have been in her shoes as far as being interested in, and flirting, with guys who are not my/her boyfriend are concerned. To me, it sounds like she is too young and curious to be happy settling down with one person...I would strongly advise you to get a straight, honest answer from her about if she is dating or fooling around with any other guys. If she is, then you should definitely move on and find a girl who appreciates and cherishes your loyalty, not one who undermines your belief in fidelity at such a young age. On one hand, teenage relationships are inherently temporary because few people know enough about themselves and what they want in their future to settle down in a permanent romantic partnership. But on the other hand, there is absolutely no point on wasting any time at your age (where the vast majority of women are still young and single) on feeling tied down by a girl who obviously doesn't exhibit that same level of devotion to you when tested. I really think you'd be better off moving're way too young to be tied down, and hopefully once you break up with her, like my exes, you'll be swarmed with aspiring girlfriends who assume there was something amazingly iresistible about you. Enjoy being young--this is the time to date around, have fun, and determine which mental, emotional, and physical qualities you look for in a potential mate. Otherwise you risk settling for someone who doesn't treat you like the queen you are sexually, physically, or emotionally, which can quickly escalate into abuse. Please, all women out there, never stay in a relationship in which you feel like you are jumping through hoops, making all the effort, doing all the talking, initiating all the physical affection, making all the calls, or chasing him down in any other way. If a guy really wants you, he will chase you down and make you know this in every way he can think of until you get the message. If not, please trust that you not only deserve, but will soon find, a much better suitor who is much more compatible with all the traits you want in a guy.

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