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I know people like to think it's a cop-out, but sometimes it's genuinely not. Although in this case, it does sound like she just wants to be free for the Summer to do what she wants, and then go back to you when it's convenient. Putting a time limit to find your "independence" definitely sounds ridiculous, and I wouldn't believe it for a second.

I've left a long relationship (about 2.5 years) because honestly, I just felt stagnant and tied down. I didn't want to worry about phonecalls, obligations and responsibilities tied to a long term relationship anymore. I knew it was selfish, but I needed my space so I broke it off. I was only 20 which probably played a part in it as well (not sure how old you are, guessing 17-18). But I never told the girl I was coming back, nor put a time limit on my "independence". I also was no longer in love with her.

My advice, as some others said is to just let it go and do what you want without worrying about her. After all, that's what she's doing. If she was really that "in love" with you, how could she just leave you hanging for two months? I want to leave for two months to go "clubbing" isn't really how you tell someone you love them :rolleyes:

She wants to have her cake and eat it too, meaning she wants to screw around with other guys while also knowing she can come back to you if she feels like it. Don't give her that chance. It's only been four months anyways; why are you so torn up about it? Is it your first relationship?

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