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[QUOTE=xKiNGPiNx]I actually feel for people in these situations. He obviously cares about you alot or he wouldnt do these sort of things. Why did you say you didnt want to see him anymore? Had he done something wrong or hurt you before? Was he not a good enough boyfriend? Do you flirt around other guys, see other guys/friends often and leave him out? I feel that people have the right to be suspicious in some cases. I mean he obviously dont mean that much to you because youve told him you dont want to see him again. Thats abit harsh isnt it? I dont want to sound disrespect as i dont know exactly what has happened. But from what ive read i wouldnt call that harrassment, i'd call it someone who loves you alot. I wrote letters to my girlfriend apologising for things that werent even my fault when she dumped me. She always went out clubbing, flirting with other guys, telling me she'd rather spend more time with her friends then me. But when her friends didnt want to know her, she'd phone me up. Ive been treated like s**t in every relationship ive been in. Im sorry if you feel your being stalked but unless you've been there yourself you dont realise how much it hurts for someone who you really loved to dump you. I fought for my girlfriend too, i didnt go round her house, follow her around but i wrote to her, phoned her. I actually feel sorry for the guy because i know how it feels. And believe me he will be hurting so bad and for you to report him for harrassment, it would probably kill him. Blocking his IM's, he probably cant wait for you to come online to chat to you. See someone wouldn't write you letters and text you if they didnt care. Instead of throwing in the towel, hes showing how much you mean to him and making an effort to fight for you back. But like i say i dont know the half of it, for all i know he might of done bad things to you. But i think referring to him as a stalker when he was once someone special to you is nasty. And im sorry if you think im against you, im not i dont even know you. But having been in a similar situation i know exactly how it feels for the person whos been dumped, its not nice. Unless hes cheated on you or treated you badly, then i think you should show a little sympathy. Just my two cents.[/QUOTE]

DITTO, My girlfriend was/is the same exact way. Clubbing, talking to other guys, wanting her time with her friends. Im going through it right now. My GF came back from vacation and mentioned that she wasn't sure if we should be together, meanwhile I couldn't wait for her to get home. I love her with all my heart. Rather then breaking up with me a week ago she told me she needs time alone to think. I haven't talked to her or seen her since last Friday. I have however written her to letters and have called her friend a few times to see if there was anything she could tell me. I kinda feel bad about it b/c she asked her her time alone. She didn't want me calling or didn't want to see me .... Im by no means stalker her, Im not driving by her house or anything but I do miss her alot and I have been trying to let her know how I feel thru indirect contact.

Yes my situation is a bit different cuz she hasn't broken up with me ..... yet (I HOPE SHE DOESN'T!). But either way you need to realize his intentions probably aren't malicious, he probably misses you alot and wants to see you. You may be ready to move on but he's not, he still wants you. Getting the authorities involved would crush him, it would crush me! The things he's doing other then driving by your house are fairly innocent, even tho you may not like them.

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