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Jun 17, 2005
My BF, who was enraged by an close friend sending me messages saying that he desires a child with me, has cut my photo off an intimate picture we had on his birthday, and sent it off to buddies online!!!!!!! In the sent folder of the so-called my "boyfriend", a message to one of them reads "Do you want even ruder? 'only joking'"!!!! He immediately deleted and emptied from the trash can a couple of these messages too. The profiles he picks sound obscene: names like 'P***y mum'!!!!!! SICK. His justification is "I didn't do it" or "I was drunk" when I did it! It might be worth mentioning too that he did that while I was in work. I go to work even though I do a full-time PhD to pay for things like the Internet connection and many many other bills. I feel terrified /disgusted by what he did when he asks me to report someone who desires a child with me to the police. I feel very hurt that the person I trusted is so cheap. I can't feel special with him anymore. I can't desire him anymore..All men who see us together tell him that I am "gorgeous" and that he's lucky to be with me. I feel like I need to start a fresh life with a REAL MAN, whom I love and trust. I think that this person does not deserve me. I know there's life at the end of the tunnel. It's only the shock of his abuse that scares me, and I can't forgive him

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