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Hi Sam,
The girl you were seeing was in a long term relationship. She obviously loved that person. It takes time to get over someone we love. Do you know who broke up the relationship and why? She probably is just not ready to give her heart away to someone else. And, she may want to be with her ex again.
When I was in college my first love and I had broken up for awhile. I started dating this great guy and did start to really like him. He was wonderful to me, even driving about 10000 miles just to spend a few days with me over the summer. Unfortunately, in the beginning of summer, my first love had contacted me and told me he made a huge mistake by letting me go and not putting me first in his life, (which is the reason that I had broken up with him several months before.) Well, as soon as I saw my first love again, I melted.
I had loved him so much that as soon as he began saying the things I was longing to hear from him, we were back together. But, because this had not been our first break up, I was extra cautious with my feelings, and wanted to make sure he was going to put me first on a regular basis. Because I was not sure this would occur, I did not want to tell the other guy just yet. Because it was summer time, I knew I would not see him until that weekend he was planning to visit me and I figured I would see what happens. Also, my first love was returning to school in another state for a summer session, and we only got back together for about about 2 weeks before he left for school again. So, I was not actually physically seeing either one of them for several weeks. (I hope this makes sense.)
Well, the weekend came that my new boyfriend came to visit. He arrived with a beautiful opal bracelet that he gave me when he saw me and I could tell he was thrilled to see me and it was evident that he was falling in love with me or possibly had already loved me. (I did have feelings for him the last time I had seen him.) I felt myself beginning to pull away from him emotionally becuase of my deep love towards my first love. As the weekend went on, it was obvious that I no longer wanted to see my new boyfriend, I only wanted my first love, even though he was across the country at school.( I was willing to be in an exclusive long distance relationship with him, even though I knew I would only see him every few months.) I had never been a "player", I was always a one man woman, and I had to tell my new boyfriend that in the interum in time since I had last saw him, I got back with my ex. I felt soooo bad because I knew he was really hurt. If circumstances had been different, and I had not gotten back with my first love, I really think I could have fallen in love with the new guy.
So, the point to the story is that it takes time and distance to get over a love.
Your ex IS probably confused. Do not call her though. She needs to figure this out for herself. I am sorry this is hurting you.

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