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Re: Help
Jul 22, 2005
Isn't there a shelter or somewhere in Singapore where you could stay until you get a job? I have no idea, I search & ask for help. Taken from year 1995 until now, no one help. Even the bloody priest too. The priest say that no one can help you, I also canít help you, even you pray everyday to God, God also canít help you. You help yourself.

Are you still in school? No I am not.

You could run away? If I could, I will run away. I have ask help from Therapy counselor & social worker. No one has helped me, they find excuse not to help me. They reject me. I don't know where to run to. I have no friends over here, I have to find one. I can find one but the person is 19 years old, I find in bible group internet Singapore. For one year, I found one friend but it doesnít suit me. Those people around my age group are marriage or got girl friend. They will not mix around with me. They behave like adult. Only to their friends, they are friendly. I am not jealous or whatever. I know this problem. But those American guys are friendly people. Went I work before in office, they understand me. But they are very out going person. That day my parent & my brother will never let go out anywhere or do anything I want. After work, home.

If you are only 17, I am assuming you are still in high school, and you really need to complete high school before you venture out and get a job. I am bloody 29 years old guy. What to do that I behave like teenage boy. About job I have work 17 job, from years 1997 to 2003. Some job they find faults in me & throw me out, some job I quit, because they pressure me, then I lose my temper I scold bad word & some job contract ended. My last job is from 2003. From 2003 to 2005 I ask the bloody agency to find job for me, they say that canít get a job. I search by myself, I canít get a job. Bloody Singapore now retirement a lot of people. They recruit only Chinese people or higher study people.

I have another wound grow on my neck & on my head. I had a surgery on Tuesday & on Wednesday go home. The doc says that I am over weight, if I donít lose weight I will get more wound. My parent & my brother donít know what to do because they are forcing me to stay at home & do business. Not to go anywhere or do anything. Now I am happy I no need to do housework & business. I told to my parent & my brother up to you, if you donít let me do exercise, then next wound comes big then donít blame me & one more thing another one more month I canít go to church. They are the one told me, be happy what you are. The doc says if you are over weight more sickness I will get, I am very happy. This is my turning point, surely they will let me do exercise. Last few days my weight is 90kg now 105kg. Nothing is in my hand. You see my friend god has helped me in this way. Why I am telling you this because stubborn people will not listen, so went they spend more money on surgery then only they will learnt a lesson. Now I donít have to say anything, action speaks louder then words

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