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im not gonna make you feel bad.....i give you my support! what im getting from this is that she is trying to make you jealous or push you away( sad to say)..thats what i did w my ex bf of 4 yrs. i got sick of long distance relationship and found someone else and tried to make my ex jealous at first. i see that you dont trust her going on her any relationship thats not healthy and will not work out.. just dont be in denial, i see that youre a caring guy and you derserve someone much better! the major fact is that she said she doesnt care. basically she is saying she doesnt care if she hurts you..and thats nto right. i suggest taking some time off from this girl and you will be happier and less worried and stressed--trust me, i know its hard to deal with a breakup but she isnt being a good person. good luck and keep me posted... stacey

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