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you were really helpful on giving me your honest opinions and advice on my thread and now I'm going to give you mine. :) I once went through a phase where I would say things to my bf that I knew was killing him inside, but I didnt care and I was younger then an I guess I just wanted to make myself feel secure in a sense that I wouldnt have to have my life revolve around him because honestly, he was so good to me it was scarry.You know it was like I was scared to give him the best of me because I felt like it was too good to be true and its very rare to find someone so...nice?!I never had that.Maybe she wants to have fun and at the same time have you around but she doesnt know how to make that happen and honestly, I dont think it would be a good idea because you are the boyfriend and I'm sure it would be akward.I also think that this might be her way of trying to brush you off because she cant or does not want to straight out tell you what she really wants from your relationship.Yeah,i think its selfish that she doesnt include you i n ANY of her plans and the vibes you get from her should tell you something.This is just my opinion, so I hope other people who read this dont quote me on this and reply, but I think that the woman is the one who carries on and takes care of the relationship.It is the woman who makes sure that the relationship is strong, and dont get me wrong, it takes two to work out a relationship, but its always two different roles.You should probably just give her her space and if freedom from you is what she wants then give it to her because its unfair not just for her, but specially for you that you guys stay in a relationship where one doesnt want to be in.You should talk to her about this and if she wants to stay in the relationship still, i suggest there be changes or compromise.

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