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Jealous Girlfriend
Jun 19, 2005
Everything is going good between my gf and i but she gets extremely jealous about my x gf but i dont understand why i was only with her for a year and half and have no contact with her what so ever. On the other hand she was with her X for four years. I was jealous of him b4 but far over it now but shes getting more and more jealous. How do i reinsure her that i am not going anywhere and that i dont even think about my x anymore, if anyone should be worried it should be me. We have been bf and gf for 4 months now.
Best thing to do is not to mention your x in front of her, even if you have an argument. If she does, don't dwell on it. if you are not doing anything wrong, there's no reason why she shouldn't trust you. And btw, try not to describe her as 'jealous' at least not to her face, even if you think it!
i dont know why people talk about past relationships in their current relationship. it leads to nothing but trouble.

I do not bring up the past she has been lately. I excepted her pass but she just does it to hurt herself.

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