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Well, basically, I'd say this is a very immature, childish way to relate to one another. I am the youngest and only girl in my family, and in order to survive I had to learn how to be a smart mouth and really dish it out. That's just how I learned to relate to men. With my first relationship, I wasn't very good at switching gears and being a girlfriend instead of the bratty little sister, and I was good-naturedly ribbing my boyfriend about his small ears. He did have exceptionally small ears but had never mentioned it before. I happened to notice and I said a joke about it, then he I guess got hurt and insulted my nose, which he knew was a real sore spot with me because it always made me feel unattractive and my mom has always hounded me ever since I was a teen to get a nose job. That hurt me where I live because it was a real sensitive, insecure area for me, and he knew it. It was like, I was playfully nipping at his fingers, then he turned around and clamped down on my jugular. Could this be similar to what happened between you and your girlfriend? THough it does sound like she went pretty far, and when a person goes that far, and insults that much about that many things, the desire to inflict pain on some level is probably present to some degree. I think you both should talk about it, apologize to each other, and promise to not use insults as a way of playing. Pushing each other's buttons to see which one cried first is a game you should have given up by the age of about 8.

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