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I can't believe that girl would ever insult just about every sensitive thing about a man to you and then have the gall to depend an apology. If this came out of nowhere and she just felt the sudden urge to tear you apart, I'd say she has serious problems. That's completely abusive to lash out at someone like that, and if she doesn't think she did anything wrong, then you should run far, far away from her. Little Rose is right on...I'd demand an apology, and if she doesn't give you one and seem genuinely see how her vicious attack on your manhood was horribly cruel, I'd break up with her and cut off all contact with her. If a man ever said just one of those things she said to you, I'd immediately throw something at him and stomp out. If he said more than one such insult, I'd never ever talk to him again under any circumstances. I'd possibly consider forgiving at him if he only said one mean thing and if he apologized profusely and kissed my butt from then on, but that would take a lot of effort on his part. And if a guy absolutely tore me down the same way she ripped you to shreds, including calling me fat, then expected an apology if I called him fat in return, I think I'd consider him a lunatic and change my number. I'm sorry to be so harsh here, but her behavior is incredibly cruel and abusive, and for her to do that, not apologize, then want YOU to apologize is just mind-boggling...are you sure there isn't something else to this story that we don't know? Did you call her fat first or something? Have you really angered or hurt her lately (not that something like that should be an excuse for verbally abusing you)?

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