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Jun 22, 2005
so i am curious on what u guys have to say about dating a girl that was kind of "slutty" in previous relationships. i have known her for about a year now and she is head over heels about me and i feel something towards her, but i keep on thinking about her past. We have been really close since about january and in the previoes 5 months until then she was with a total of 6 guys. We are both younger so when i saw she was with them she didn't have full blown sex with all of them. So the first one was her boyfriend for about 2 months and it involved some oral, then one day she ends up giving a guy she knows that goes to her school oral, even though they didn't really talk much before or after, she says it was a spur of the moment thing, then she meets this older guy and gave him oral and that was that, and then she goes and messes around with 3 other guys. And all of this to say that only one wa a boyfriend and what i haven't told u yet was tha she gave one of the guys oral while she was dating him. It's just that i keep on looking what she has done with all of these guys beofre she started concentrating on me. And then i ask her y she did all of this and her reply was " i was looking for a guy in my life, because i have no dad, and i was looking for love and all that stuff that comes with a boyfriend." But i am pretty sure that people don't go looking for love, it just happens to be. And she claims she has changed and i belive it becasue as far as i know irt she has been clean since we started hanging out seriously since january. But most of these guys she really didn't know or only knew them shortly before doing stuff with them.

I am confused if i should have anything to do with this girl in the future and if i should be worried about her cheating on me because it's in her past and about her having 6 encounters in like 5 months, and i can't stop thinking about it so i came her to get it off my shoulders.

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