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Confused girl. Did you speak to your bf about what irritates you? You are entitled to have private time with him . He OWES you this and it's not a favour. However he might be unaware that this does make you upset.
Regarding the drinking, while I agree with Snails that you can't control people's lives, I'd like to say that boozers do control the lives/freedoms of their partners when they go overboard. They DO cause a caring GF/Bf anxiety and sometimes do stupid things and blame it all on drunkenness. Well I drink myself. I am not at all against a drink a night to calm down after a day's work or just to enjoy yourself and socialise with workmates/BF etc. But I believe that there should be a limit to stop the drinking person from violating the freedoms of other people around him/her. Some people just can't control it.
Your BF MIGHT feel that you don't accept the things that he enjoys doing, that's why he might be going out with mates, who don't mind. I don't know. And I am not suggesting that you should accept them if they are in anyway distressing to you. But why don't you try to go out with him socially and make him feel comfortable in your presence? I suggest that yo invite him out yourself and don't wait for him to initiate it. Have a drink with him :) but pls don't get drunk, it's terrible how people sometimes hurt themselves and others when they are bladdered . Then if you think that you are just unhappy, then you can think of other solutions.
Good Luck

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