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I suggest you read my post again.

I did NOT say that the guy was a problem drinker -- in fact, I said WE DON'T have any CLUE AT ALL as to what his drinking habits are! I suggested that he might simply have a few social drinks with his buddies and that his girlfriend CONSIDERS this to be excessive.

In fact, the entire POINT to my post is that we have NO IDEA regarding ANY of the details of his or her behavior except for a couple sentences with are very vague indeed.

I'd NEVER make a conclusion about someone's drinking habits without a LOT of information -- and even then, I'd do it with extreme caution.

But I did not do that AT ALL in this case.

I understand if you are a little defensive about issues relating to alcohol since you seem to have a personal experience with this topic which is often on your mind. I'm just a little surprised because your posts are usually RIGHT ON TARGET and you do not miss much at all. I have, in fact, NOT responded to some folks here because YOU (or Ruth) have already given the same answer that I might give!

So I think maybe you just misread what I wrote this time around. No problem!

Now, I DO stand by my statement regarding those who drink to excess and those who do not having a difficult time holding together a meaningful and long lasting relationship: alcoholics, or even those who are simply more "party" type people as a general rule will NOT get along well with individuals who abstain or those who do not enjoy wilder, social scenes.

My statements in my response were designed to help the poster THINK about the DETAILS and to hopefully get her to respond back here with more information. I made no determinations as to character or personality of EITHER of them since we simply don't know at this point.

Hope this explains things a bit better.

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