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(((Tyger))) :)

This actually is exactly why I'm not a big fan of exes trying to "stay friends." Especially when it ends badly with one party feeling wronged, disrespected and hurt, rather than just a mutual agreement that it just isn't working. No matter how she did it, she is his girlfriend now, and as jagged and bitter a pill as it is to swallow, the awful, ugly truth is that her needs and wants must come before yours now. Of course if he wants to make things work with her, he's going to make a good faith effort to commit himself to her, and that means putting her ahead of you and all other exes and all other women. I know how hurtful it can be. I recently went through soemthing very similar. I had a bad break up quite a while back that I still have a lot of trouble with (my "ex" has since married, the total opposite of the kind of woman he told me he wanted) and a mutual friend went behind my back and called him and told him I was still hurting and did he maybe have anything to offer to help resolve it. My ex made some meaningly empty claims of respect, and he'd "pray for me :rolleyes: :rolleyes: (which wouldn't even be necessary if he hadn't crapped all over me in the first place. Times like this I wish they had a little middle finger emotocon!!)) " but thought it would be inappropriate to face me in person. As painful as it was to know that he just didn't give enough of a damn about me and that he's so ok with the lies he told me and what he did, but on the other hand, he is married, and his first obligation is to his wife, as much as it hurts, and as much as I hate it, and as much as it makes me feel like just a piece of worthless garbage left on the side of the road, there's nothing I can do about it. As hard as it will be, please try not to hing how you feel about your birthday on what this guy does or doesn't do for you. I think it would be best to leave him buried in the backyard where he belongs and end the relationship all together. It sounds like as long as this guy is with his new girlfriend, you will always end up feeling slighted and wronged, and will always struggle with the "why doesn't he care enough to do this/go there/do that/with me/for me etc etc." The longer you hold onto it, the harder it will be to let it go, which I think you know deep down inside is what you need to do. I think it really would be healthier to cut all ties, chalk up the whole relationship to just something you did once, a lesson you learned, and be glad he won't be there to let you down on your big day. Chin up.

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