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Re: Clingy friend!
Jun 26, 2005
this situation always is a tricky one.
your friend is taking advantage of your friendship. this happens all the time.
she's so focused on her own needs (ie. hanging out with people and potentially landing a bf) that she's not considering that she's become the intrusive third wheel in your life. she's tryign to leverage the "success" you've had and hopes somehow she can get some of it for herself.

the easiest way out of this is to start using different phrases when you are talking to her.

so if she says 'why dont you and chuck come over and watch a movie." you can say 'thanks but i think we're just going to spend some alone time together tonight'

flip it back on her and make it uncomfortable for her to impose herself as a third wheel.

if you have to you can even frame things to her that your relationship with chuck has been choppy and the two of you are focusing on spending more alone time together to get it stronger.

what you dont want to do is tell her that shes being an annoyance and to stop. she'll be really upset if you do that, even if she doesnt show it on the outside. then, if one day you and chuck break up and you want her more in your life again, she won't be there.


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