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[QUOTE=Mary2005]What does it mean when you text a man and he completely ignores you?

Well if anyone has read my previous posts then they'll know my situation. Been seeing a bloke for 7 months. Ended it with him coz I wanted me and he didn't. but took him back. Got really close to him again, and then he dumped me two weeks ago and hasn't looked back. Now I really really miss him. WHy has god made me fall in love with someone I cannot be with? It's so unfair. I miss him so much and just don't want to go on without him in my life but I know I must. What also makes it worse, is that he didn't even end it with me to my face. He did it by text! HE's done it before but then took me back but thid time he hasn't. I did text him Monday night just as a friendly text asking him how he was etc. But he never bothered to reply. SO this is a question to the men? IF you dump a girl you've know for ages, and then ignore her when she texts you, even though it was just a friendly text, what does that mean? IS that basically your way of saying b*gger offer? I wouldn't mind but we've know each other so long that even though we're not together any more, I was only being friendly and asking how he was, not begging him to get back with me. Yet he completely ignores me. Why?[/QUOTE]

Mary - I think he's ignoring you because he wants you to "get the message" that he doesn't want you in his life anymore, but just doesn't have the guts to tell you out right. There's an excellent book out called He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. It's mainly written by Greg, with a little input by Liz. In this book, Greg says that men are basically cowards when it comes to this kind of thing and would rather lie, cheat, steal, or face death than tell you the truth to your face. The truth is, this guy just wasn't that into you, or else he wouldn't have rejected you already, and he's afraid that continuing any sort of relationship with you at all would be too uncomfortable, and obviously, your friendship doesn't mean that much to him. It's really hard sometimes for us women to understand how men can be so emotionally cold toward someone they have slept with, or been friends with or whatever, but that's just how they're wired. I think the best thing you can do is "get the message" and leave him alone like he wants you to do. Never contact him again, chalk this up to lessons learned and move on to a nicer guy who won't reject you, who doesn't have to think so hard about how he feels about you, and who will value you and your friendship and everything you have to offer. Good luck to you. :angel:

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